Jayne photo

Hello I’m Jayne Sharples.

My interests include coaching, career development and the future of work. I’m also interested in creating peer communities, learning technology, action planning and other stuff.

I am the Postgraduate Careers Consultant at Careers Network at the University of Birmingham and have now worked in Higher Education for 10 years on various projects. Alongside this role I am group co-ordinator at Coaching Connections Midlands, a professional development group for coaches in the Midlands and I work on exciting freelance projects.

This JS-Coaching website started life as a blog about portfolio careers and the changing nature of our work lives, it has since broadened out to include thinking on all the topics I am interested in. I keep a tab on the various freelance projects I have worked on in the projects section. As well as being my initials “JS” stands for Just Space and Just Start – two themes of coaching which I write about from time to time.

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at the website and I hope you found it of interest!