Through a series of coaching sessions, Jayne has helped me map out what I want to achieve, and how best to achieve it. We’ve approached each session with a key theme reviewing my aims and objectives and transforming them into something constructive and achievable. Having someone guide me through the process has allowed me to set targets which has been invaluable in getting my business started. I can’t emphasise enough the huge impact Jayne has had (and is still having) with me setting up my business.

Melanie, Business Start-up

I came to JS-Coaching as I felt my career was stuck and I turned in circles regarding a solution, never getting past the evaluation stage of any possible solution to progress with. Jayne helped me to focus me on the basics to clearly identify my strengths and values to determine which path was best suited for me. She helped me to establish and prioritise the best career options to pursue in line with my strengths and values. Jayne’s coaching strategy made me gain focus and clarity on how to progress, eventually resulting in my next career move.

Axel, Project Manager

I work for a large blue chip company and came to Jayne for career coaching. I had 6 x 2 hour sessions over 6 months, some on the phone and some face to face. Jayne started by helping me to prioritise and focus on the key areas that I wanted to change. She helped me to identify what was causing the problems and explore the reasons why. I soon had a set of core requirements / goals and I came to understand what my skills, talents and passions are. By doing this I understood what was authentically ‘me’. Jayne also acted as a mirror to some of my self-perceptions and beliefs, and encouraged me to stop and reflect in a way that I had never done before by doing exercises together and by going away to think in a structured way and create my own support notes. She helped to make a challenging and initially negative process into an enlightening, positive and fun one.

Clare, Business Development Manager, Blue Chip Company

I never seemed to have enough time to do what I wanted to do, and I had got to the stage where I was getting very stressed and irritable with those I loved the most, which I did not want to continue. By helping me to focus on my values and my natural state, Jayne helped me to recognise my priorities and the things that would make me the happiest by focusing on them. She also helped me to see that I needed to spend more time on me in order to achieve balance, calm and ultimately greater respect.

Paula, IT Company