Jayne’s portfolio career story


After 16 years working full-time in a permanent, salaried job, I spent a number of years developing a portfolio career working on part time, fixed term contracts and freelancing as JS-Coaching.

Although I am now back in a permanent contract at the University of Birmingham on a 4.5 day contract, I take with me in to this role the mindset of an “intraepreneur” and a shift in my thinking about how I can develop and manage my career. I have 0.5 day a week for JS-Coaching and of course my evenings and weekends!

The key themes of my work are:

  1. Coaching and training trading as JS-Coaching, specialising in career coaching and blended approaches to learning. Just Start and Just Space are key themes.
  2. Postgraduate Careers Consultant – Higher Education – Now my permanent role!
  3. Writer and blogger, including contributions to Jobs.ac.uk and founder of Portfolio Career Connections
  4. Co-leader of Coaching Connections – a Midlands based not-for-profit community

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