Katie’s portfolio career story

katie barnett.jpgMy portfolio career has been developing gradually over the last two years, as I completed my PhD and began to consider my future career options. During this time, I have undertaken a variety of work, with a focus on two key areas: working with students in higher education, and work that has allowed me to use and develop my research and writing skills. Within this remit, I have taught in a university and a further education college, edited an academic journal, started a book reviewing blog, and worked in various roles within a higher education careers service, including advising students, facilitating workshops, and undertaking a research project. The variety of opportunity offered through these roles has helped me understand my priorities and given me a high level of job satisfaction (even if it has been a balancing act at times!).

Currently, I work as a lecturer, teaching Media & Cultural Studies at a university and courses in English, Communication and study skills at a further education college. Alongside this, I am developing my research profile and continuing my own creative projects, with a focus on writing and editing.

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