Welcome to Portfolio Career Connections

Portfolio Career Connections is the place to visit if:

  1. you are new to the idea of developing a portfolio career and want to connect with others who are on a similar journey.
  2. you have a portfolio career and want to make connections to build on your current success and to benefit from being part of a community of portfolio careerists.
  3. you are an employer, who is interested to find out more about what motivates portfolio careerists and how they can have a positive impact in your organisation.
  4. you simply want to explore new ways to manage your career and your development. We will be sharing innovative ideas and exchanging expertise across the community.

So wherever you are on your portfolio career journey, we intend to provide you with honest, accurate and motivational support and information. We want you to get involved so do let us know what you’d find useful to see on the site. Most of what we offer is free to access. There will be a charge for some of the services, such as one-to-one coaching and mentoring and workshops for small groups.

Each month there will be a key theme, with either a focus on a key portfolio career development topic or a sector-specific focus.

The founders of the community are based in Birmingham in the West Midlands, and this is where we will launch our first off-line connections meetings.

We very much look forward to connecting on and offline. Wishing you an exciting and rewarding portfolio career journey with lots of great connections along the way.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Portfolio Career Connections

  1. Hi I am looking for participants for research and a book on portfolio careers by myself, a professional researcher. Please contact drbarbaralond@gmail in the first instance. Thank you.

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