Using words, film and pictures to get across key messages


I recently published a guest blog for the new Professional Development Network website for Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. The website is a place where researchers can share content about the professional development projects they are taking part in, including the Knowledge Exchange in Design project.

In my blog I look back to how over the last year we have shared content about Knowledge Exchange in Design in words, film and pictures. It’s great working with the artists at BIAD, because the visual is always integrated in to the work we are doing and I’ve really become to appreciate the power of using words in an interesting way, and going beyond this by including pictures and film. To see the blog go to:

My next blog will be about a workshop I am developing in which I’ll use the visual of stairs to illustrate a step by step approach to career development, and an open door to describe the application process and step in to a new job.

Also, coming up at Coaching Connections is the Power of Visual Coaching Techniques, which promises to be another opportunity to help us tap in to the power of the visual:

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