“The Business of Coaching”

The Business of Coaching Graphic SI Oct15 v3 copy

At Coaching Connections on Saturday 10 October we explored the following questions in small peer groups:

  • What is involved in being a freelance coach and what strategies might be used to ensure a healthy life work balance?
  • What strategies might be employed to maximise opportunities to use and publicise coaching skills amongst appropriate audiences?
  • What lessons can be learned from starting up your own business?
  • What approaches have been effective in growing coaching businesses and opportunities?
  • What experiences can be drawn upon and shared amongst our pool of coaches?

The above graphic shows a summary of the ideas generated and experiences shared by fellow coaches. Thank you to Sobia Iqbal for designing and sharing this graphic. Here also are some further points arising from the discussion plus links to useful websites:

Characteristics required to start-up and build a successful coaching business:

  • persistence
  • clear vision
  • solve a problem for clients
  • resilience
  • confidence and self-belief

Writing engaging blogs to generate interest and followers:

Take a look at blog posts from Sarah Robinson who has recently launched a new website with a blogging section. She is blogging about the topics related to career and job search, with a view to attract interest and potential customers for her career coaching business. Great work Sarah!


Sarah shared that she had gained inspiration and ideas from reading others blogs such as Greg Faxon:


Other strategies for publicising your coaching business:

  • Networking
  • Building a niche
  • Effective communication of your offer
  • Focus on the “Why” not the “how you coach”

Take a look at this website for more inspiration:


This blog post was written by Jayne Sharples and the graphic written and designed by Sobia Iqbal. For more information about Coaching Connections go to: www.coachingconnectionsmidlands.com

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