Space for parallel projects

One of the aspects I enjoy most about having a portfolio of work is the space for parallel projects which feed in to one another. Here I will share my experience of taking learning from my work in Higher Education to the business world and vice versa.  

Parallel projects

I’ve been lucky to have worked for two years on a student engagement project, which involves students in the design and delivery of their careers service. The work is totally aligned to my interest and work in employee engagement and the work I do to help individuals develop their career in line with their interests, motivations and personal goals.

During the university project we have seen the value of engaging students in ways which gets them interested in their career and which in turn motivates them to spread the word to fellow students. They let us (the careers centre) know what they want and how they want it delivered.

Approaching staff development in organisations in a similar way can also pay dividends, and engage employees in positive ways. With technology and more fluid work environments, there is great scope to engage employees in the design and delivery of their training and their development needs. Sharing ownership with staff at all levels and not just senior staff can generate motivation and a positive learning environment.

Transfer of learning

For me it is great to feed ideas from the work I am doing in education in to the work I am doing with business people and vice versa. This is one of the key benefits of developing a portfolio of work in different sectors and with diverse client groups.

For my clients and employers it is also win-win, they benefit from the creative ideas, new perspectives and ways of working, which working on parallel projects can bring. All of this starts with space to explore and start projects in new sectors, which is not so easy if you are fully engaged in a full-time project or job.

Are you working on parallel projects and would like to share your thoughts?

What are the challenges? How can you effectively manage parallel projects?

How can you look for creative ways to diversify in to new sectors?

And how can you create the right space conditions for taking on parallel projects?

More about this in future blog posts.

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