The energy of a portfolio career

If you want to start working in a portfolio way or if you are in the midst of a portfolio career it’s useful to consider what type of work you enjoy doing and what gives you a good energy. To sustain a portfolio approach to working over time there needs to be a momentum and a purpose.

When all is flowing well you can create a great energy. For example I get energy from projects starting and coming to an end and from the variety of different strands of work and work environments. It does however require an investment in the first place to get the work and to then sustain over time.

There are other challenges with maintaining a healthy portfolio career. For example if a number of deadlines are coming to a head at the same time you need to manage the situation and adopt energy giving techniques.  Some tips:

  • Be well organised
  • Plan ahead
  • Don’t over commit
  • Get help and support from others
  • Build space in to your diary
  • Take time out during the day

Also notice what is working well and what is generating a good energy. Notice what is causing energy levels to drop. Make changes so you can build on the good stuff and whenever possible avoid taking on energy sapping projects.

Also be aware of overplaying your strengths. One of the health warnings of doing work that you enjoy is that if you don’t take time out, then it can be counter productive. So it’s all about balance and finding the right balance for you and your portfolio of work.

Just find the space to reflect on your energy levels and consider any changes you may want to make. In the next blog we’ll be looking at recent news coverage about part time working.

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