Resilience and Teams – Coaching Connections

IMG_6761The photo was taken when I took a walk one lunch time to recharge and build my resilience to tackle a busy afternoon at work. This resilience was needed later in the week to plan for a replacement session for the March Coaching Connections meeting on the topic of Resilience and Teams. We  designed a format which drew on the collective knowledge and wisdom in the room.

Frances Hayes introduced the session and invited participants to join small discussion groups, each focussed on a  specific aspect of resilience.

The space felt buzzing with ideas and reflection and I had the joy of participating in really deep and meaningful conversations.

This comment by one of the participants sums up what emerged from our experiential session and this blog summarises some of key discussion themes and resources referenced during the plenary at the end of the session.


Nicky Lowe facilitated a group which discussed the four energies of the corporate athlete. These energies are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and are referenced in the work of Tony Schwartz. Taking time out to recover was one of the key points shared and it sounded like the group had explored in particular the theme of spiritual energy and purpose.

This Harvard Business Review Article has a useful visual of the High Performance pyramid detailing the four energies.

We are delighted that Nicky will be leading a session on “Insights into Systemic Coaching” at our August meeting, further details will be on our Coaching Connections website soon.


Sean Russell facilitated a group which looked at growth mindset as part of a broader discussion on the topic of resilience. The work of Carol Dweck was introduced, her book “Mindset” explores the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems. “How the way we think shapes our success”. Carol’s TED talk is another way to find out about her work.


I facilitated a discussion starting with a reflection on “what is resilience?”  We then explored how a strengths-based approach can help us to build our resilience. We used “At My Best” cards to reflect on a personal success and to articulate strengths. Throughout our discussion we made links between strengths and resilience and how we use strengths in our work with clients. “What strength shall I use in my work today” and “taking time out to reflect” were two of the practical tips emerging from the discussion.

You can find out more about “At My Best” cards at the Work Positive website.

Personal and Professional Development and resilience

Frances Hayes did an excellent job of setting up the session overall and also facilitating a small group discussion which drew upon personal and professional development building resilience and how that impacts when working in teams.

And finally, Lucy Mair shared details of a book about resilience by Dr Carole Pemberton. She also shared information about the session which she will be facilitating at Coaching Connections on 14 May, when she will be talking about how she found her coaching “voice”, more information will appear on the website soon.

Next month on 9th April Lesley Matile will be leading a session on Giving and Receiving Feedback in Coaching.

Whether you were at the session on Saturday or you are reading this to catch up with what you missed – I hope you found this a useful summary – let me know your thoughts and reflections.

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  1. Thanks Michalis, it’s always good to get feedback and know that you find it useful. Sorry you missed the session and hope to see you at Coaching Connections soon!

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